5 Best Free Glitch Plugins

I’m a big fan of glitchy, crazy music. The absolute best way to create that glitchy sound is to do it the old fashioned way, by going into an audio editor and chopping, reversing, and editing for hours on end. That’s going to give you the best result. However, randomness and chance play a big part in my music making, so glitch plugins can be a great way to transform your audio into something new and interesting. NOTE: These are going to be for the Mac, since that’s what I use. Most also have windows versions, though.

#1. Livecut

Livecut is the best. I’ve used a bunch of the commercial glitch plugins, and I’d take Livecut over them any day. Half the time, you don’t even need to tweak the settings to get something awesome. Unfortunately, 32 bit only, so I keep Audacity on my computer to jump audio back and forth.

#2. SuppaTrigga

SuppaTrigga seems to work better for breakbeats, and audio where you want larger sections. Livecut works on a very small level, taking tiny chunks of audio and manipulating them. SuppaTrigga really shines with something like a full drum loop.

#3. Fracture

Fractures really interesting. It’s a newer plugin that the previous two, and has more options. It’s much more robust than the others, allowing more shaping and modulation options. Great on percussion.

#4.Crazy Ivan

This plugin is INSANE. You have to try it for yourself to see what it can do. Be careful though, don’t have your speaker up too loud. Best used for bouncing to audio and cutting down to smaller samples.

#5. All of the Michael Norris Plugins

Okay, not all of these are glitch plugins. But you should have them anyway. And using any of them will give you great results, whether it’s melodic material or percussive.