Xcode Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks

Key Commands:

Opt + Click on a file: Opens the file in the assistant editor

CMD + Enter: Closes the assistant editor

Ctrl + I: Re-Indent code

CMD + /: Comment out selection

CMD + Left/Right Arrow: Navigate to the beginning or end of a line

Ctrl + S = Select Word

Opt + Left/Right Arrow = Navigate Words

ESC: Bring up autocomplete menu

CMD + 0: Close or Open left pane

CMD + Opt + 0: Close or Open Right pane

CMD + Cntrl + E: Edit all in scope

CMD + Shift + J: Reveal file in project navigator

Shift + Opt + Select File: Open file in standard editor, new or existing assistant editor, new or existing tab, or window

CMD + Shift + o: Open Quickly (search)

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